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Hi! Thank you for picking me! My Name is Spitfire, and I turned 11 years old in March 2018!

I… well… I didn’t have a very nice time before I came to The Sheffield Cats Shelter. I was in a house with 23 other cats, and we all still had our ‘rude bits’, which meant there were a lot of kittens being born, most of them getting poorly. I didn’t feel well either there, but I was determined to be a good mummy to these poorly babies, so I looked after them well into old age, even taking on little ones that weren’t mine. Even at the grand age of 10, I looked after these teeny ones and saw them grow up and find forever homes of their own.

cat in a play tunnel

The Sheffield Cats Shelter helped me, my friends, and my babies to get better while we went to stay with them. When my babies got older and didn’t depend on me anymore, they helped fix my mouth (oh, it was such agony before) by taking out my hurty teeth. They also took away my malformed ear, which was causing me health problems, and I think I look just as cute without it!

sitting cat

I love my new life with my Long Term Foster mummy Deborah, I love her so much, and she takes such good care of me. I certainly keep her entertained by playing, jumping in boxes and posing for photos! Not bad for an old gal, eh?

Cat laying on a blanket

If you sponsor me, the money will help to pay for the medicines that stop my mouth pain. I also need lots of visits to the cat doctor to look after my heart, which sometimes beats a bit strangely, and to look after my ear. And of course, any leftover money will go towards helping look after the kitties still looking for their homes at The Sheffield Cats Shelter, and to support the work done there.

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