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Why hello! My name is Lucy and I’m 10 years young.

Tabby catWhen I was even younger than I am now, I had a lovely life with a human, I loved them very much, but they got poorly and that meant I couldn’t live with them anymore. When I first came to The Sheffield Cats Shelter, I was very scared, because I wasn’t too sure what was happening. But when I realised that everyone there wanted the best for me, I calmed down.

Then a wonderful thing happened- I met my foster daddy Peter! He had lost his cat friend, and I had lost my human friend, so we were perfect for each other. I love my new life with him as a Long Term Foster cat, I can snuggle, sleep, snooze, nap and I even get to wander outside… should I wish… I love a good sunbathe!

Peter pampers me and makes sure I get the right food to look after my poorly kidneys. He also just generally loves my character and says I’m like a furry version of Hatty Jaques.

Tabby cat looking out of window

If you sponsor me, the money will help to pay for when the vet checks up on my kidneys, and for the special food that my body needs to stay well. And of course, any leftover money will go towards helping look after the kitties still looking for their homes at The Sheffield Cats Shelter, and to support the work done there.

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