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Hi! Thank you for picking me! My name is Harry and I’m 11 years old.Tabby cat at the sheffield cats shelter

Before I came to The Sheffield Cats Shelter, a nice man was looking after me, making sure I had lots of food and shelter when I wanted it. When he got too poorly to look after me, he arranged for me to come to The Shelter, and I will be forever grateful to that man for taking the first steps towards saving my life.

When I lived on the streets, I was very thin, and I had been poorly for a very long time. But when I came to The Shelter, they found out how to make me feel well again, and made my flu better. Sadly though, my nose and throat will always have damage, which got me the loving nickname “Snotty Harry”! I still love to run and play like normal kitties do though! And not to toot my own horn, but everyone who meets me tells me how gorgeous I am…

Tabby cat at the sheffield cats shelterThe more time that I spent with people at The Sheffield Cats Shelter, the more I realised that I just love love LOVE human attention. I also found out that my favourite thing to do is give people lots of nuzzles and kisses, and no one more than my amazing foster mummy Joyce. It was love at first sight when we met, and she decided to take me home and look after me as a Long Term Foster cat.

Tabby cat at the sheffield cats shelter

If you sponsor me, your money will help to pay for my medicines to keep my poorly nose un-blocked, to help me breathe, and to soothe my tummy as well.

I require regular vet visits to check that everything is OK, and I also need my face cleaning a lot. And of course, any leftover money will go towards helping look after the kitties still looking for their homes at The Sheffield Cats Shelter, and to support the work done there.



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