Lost or Found

Need to report your cat as lost/missing?

Add their description to the Sheffield RSPCA database.

Print out posters/flyers

  • Include; a clear picture of your cat, a description and your contact details
  • Note any distinguishing features e.g. One eye, white moustache, one white paw, pink collar etc.
  • Ask neighbours to look out for your cat and check in their sheds, garages and any other outhouses – cats can sneak into even the tiniest holes!
  • Give a poster/flyer to all your neighbours. Not in? Post one through their door and check back with them later.
  • Display the posters where you can in and around your area. Remember, cats can travel quite far, especially if lost and confused.
  • You can also try posting your lost/missing cat poster on social media sites, which have groups especially for lost and found cats in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Is your cat microchipped?

  • Are all the details on the microchip database up to date? (I.e. address, phone number, owners name, cats name?)
  • If you have moved house recently, or changed any contact details, contact the microchip company straight away, check your paperwork for the number to call.

This way if someone finds your kitty and scans the chip, they have the correct details to contact and reunite you!

Found a cat you think might be lost/missing?

If possible, take the cat to your nearest veterinary practice and have them scanned for a microchip. Vets will do this free of charge and will be able to contact the owners should the cat have a registered microchip.

If they don’t have a chip, check the Sheffield RSPCA lost/found database, and add the cat to it if you don’t see a matching description.

Keep your eye out for any posters of missing cats, it could be the one you found!

Why neuter & microchip?

As a small independent charity who encounters this all year round, we cannot stress how important it is to have your cats neutered and microchipped.

  • Spaying/Neutering prevents your cat from mating whilst outside and adding to the already surplus population of cats, and can even prevent roaming.
  • Microchipping is so important, it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to identify a cat, allowing owners to be contacted and reunited.