Most cats we care for find loving homes, but unfortunately, some are overlooked for adoption for a variety of reasons.

Typically, they are older cats or those with chronic medical problems. We’ve found the best way to help them is to place them under our Long-Term Foster Programme.

This means that they get to live with a family for the rest of their lives, but the Shelter meets any additional medical or food costs that are over and above the routine care that all cats need.

White and Tabby cat at the sheffield cats shelter travis place

For example, Kanga and Tiger, two elderly siblings, who hadn’t been adopted after staying with us for a year.

white and tabby cat at the sheffield cats shelter - travis place

Thanks to the Long Term Foster Programme, they have now happily settled into their new home.






When you look through our available cats, you’ll see in the comments if they are looking for a foster home.