Christmas Toys for Cats

Most cat owners will add their beloved moggy to their Christmas gift list.  There are numerous cat gifts on the market, but there is no need to spend a fortune.

We all know that a cat can have hours of fun with a cardboard box, a ping pong ball, or a laser light.


But if you are buying a gift for your cat to open on Christmas Day, think about the different types of toy that your cat will like.

Soft Toys:  These are usually small stuffed mice or balls. They are easy for a cat to pick up and carry around, and are good for encouraging “stalking” play which is instinctive in cats. And they can bring your cat comfort at naptime because they are warm and comforting to cuddle.

Catnip Toys: Cats are addicted to catnip and they find the taste irresistible.  These are usually soft toys that are filled with catnip, or scratching toys that a cat can use to practice hunting skills, or simply sharpen their claws.   Adding catnip to a new toy is a great way to get your pet interested in playing.

Interactive Cat Toys: These encourage your cat to move and get exercise, and are especially important for ‘indoor’ cats.  Some are designed to allow cats to play alone like this one:


but others encourage interaction between humans and cats, such as wands with feathers.

Food Related Toys:  Some toys encourage hunting, tracking, and digging skills for your cat to figure out what it needs to do to release a coveted treat.   It can be fascinating to watch your cat play and find a treat.   And they are also great exercise for your cat.

But be careful that you don’t buy a toy that could harm your cat.

  • The stereotype ball of wool or string is actually dangerous. Wool or string could choke a cat if it gets wrapped around their neck;
  • Small toys (such as marbles) or soft toys that have plastic attachments, such as eyes, ears, or buttons, are also a choking hazard;
  • Super cheap toys often fall apart easily and may have small parts that can harm your cat.


So please buy toys that:

  • are washable and environmentally safe;
  • soft and safer than hard plastic which can cut a cat’s paws or mouth if they get cracked or broken;
  • are not wooden unless you are sure that it’s solid wood that can’t splinter;
  • can’t be torn apart into little pieces;
  • don’t have bells unless they are safely sewn into the toy.

And if a toy gets broken or has been torn or ripped apart, throw it away and replace it with another safe one.

We have a range of cat toys for sale at the shelter.  Why not buy your cat’s Christmas present from us?  You would be getting a lovely gift for your cat, and at the same time helping us to help the many cats that need our care. Our shelter has a stock of toys for sale such as ping pong balls, kickaroos, feather wands, and a selection of toy mice including catnip, fluffy, and kong wubba.

Or why not visit our shop for a selection of gift ideas?