Gender: MaleAndFemale
Age: 3 to 12 months


Betty – 3 months – female
Barney and Bob – 3 months – Male

These three are still gaining enough weight in order to be neutered, but we are hoping they will be ready very soon.
These kitts came in at a week old with their mum and are now ready to find their forever homes. Betty would be fine with another cat, but is quite independent and enjoys human company too. Bob and Barney need to stay together as they are very close and love playing with each other, despite the size difference!


Romeo and Oscar – 3 months – Male
These kitts came to us thankfully before they could be given away on gumtree! They would have been way too young to be separated from mum and each other, so we are glad we could help. They are now ready to be adopted. Romeo is fairly confident and chatty, and loves belly rubs. Oscar is the quietest of the two, seeking comfort with his sibling, but he loves affection from us humans. He is very sweet and purrs at the first stroke!


Cyril and Cynthia – 4 months – male and female

These lovely kitties are still gaining weight in order to be neutered etc, but we are hoping they will be ready soon and are staying in their foster home until that time.

These kitts were found cold and wet in a ladys back garden at only 4 weeks old. They have been with one of our amazing fosterers who has done an excellent job bringing them around. A little hissy and hesitant at first, they are now enjoying fusses and have had the experience of living with a lovely friendly dog, other cats and children.

Pluto – 3 months – male
Venus – 3 months – female
Gemini – 3 months – female
These kitts were born outside to a feral mum, and were caught at around 8 weeks old, so they are wary of humans. However, there is no aggression from them and we think with the right home and enough love and patience, they will come around.
They will need homing in pairs or to a home with an existing kitten or young confident, friendly cat for company and to show them how to blossom as a well rounded cat. They would not do well with very young children, but older, perhaps teenage children, who have been around shy cats before and can be gentle may suit.

Nutcracker – male, 4-5 months old

Nutcracker came to the shelter after being found straying at a young age and very vulnerable. He is now looking for his new home. He is a very sweet chap who likes cuddles and playtime! He’s not keen on other cats (we think he likes to have all the attention given just to him!), we aren’t sure how he’d be with dogs and we think he would be fine with sensible children.




We have other youngsters at the shelter and on foster at the moment, but these little guys aren’t big/old enough to be adopted yet. We will update as necessary.

If you are interested in adopting Youngsters! or would like to learn more about what we need from you to adopt, please visit our adopting page.

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