Sue and Snowdrop

Gender: Female
Age: 5-6 months
Sue and Snowdrop came to the shelter with their brothers at around 9/10 weeks old. They were rescued from a busy part of Sheffield and brought to us.
These little furbabies are very timid and will need a special home with someone experienced with timid cats. They may never be lap cats or fussy cats, but deserve a great, happy and safe life nonetheless. They will need much time spending with them to earn their trust and try to bring them out of their shells. We think they would most likely enjoy venturing outside when old enough and settled in their new home.
Sue is very shy indeed, usually hiding behind Snowdrop, although she does come out when the staff that she knows are in the room. She is very wary of us though and just knows we bring the food! She too comes out to play when the lights go out! Snowdrop is also very shy, but tends to be the one in front of Sue, not sure if she’s protecting her or just keeping warm!

If you are interested in adopting Sue and Snowdrop, please visit the shelter on Wed and Fri 1:30pm - 3:00pm or Sat and Sun 1:00pm - 3:30pm

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