Gender: Male
Age: 8 years

Regis came to us after he was involved in a suspected RTA. With no owner to take charge of his care, we took him on.

Regis luckily wasn’t injured too badly, suffering just a bruised eye and a few scrapes.

He is a very gentle natured chap, loves a fuss and really loves his food!

Now he is ready to find his new home. We are not sure what Regis would be like with other cats as we have yet to try him in a communal room, but will update as necessary. With regards to children, he may be ok with older gentle children who have been around cats before.

Regis is used to going outside so will need somewhere away from main/busy roads. We don’t think he would appreciate living with dogs due to him being quite quiet and sometimes a little shy.

If you think you have the home and the love to give to Regis, please get in touch.

If you are interested in adopting Regis or would like to learn more about what we need from you to adopt, please visit our adopting page.

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