Jitterbug and Fandango

Gender: Male
Age: 12 weeks

Jitterbug and Fandango came to the shelter with their mum as they were living as strays in an old boiler house about to be torn down.

These boys just love each other and can play for hours! However they are still wary of us giants (humans)! They can be handled, and we believe that with an experienced owner who has the time and patience to bring them with their trust and confidence, they will make great companions.

They wouldn’t be suitable for a home with children due to their skittish nature, and wouldn’t suit a home with dogs. They would be ok with other cats, but we wouldn’t recommend housing them with cats older than a few years (kittens can sometimes be too boisterous and playful for older cats that like their own space), but it may benefit them to see how a more confident cat behaves.

We are hopeful that these boys will find a home soon and can start to live a normal, relaxed and happy life with someone. If you think you could be that person, please get in touch!

If you are interested in adopting Jitterbug and Fandango or would like to learn more about what we need from you to adopt, please visit our adopting page.

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