Jet and Vulcan

Gender: Male
Age: 6 months

Jet and Vulcan had a very difficult start to life. They came from a multi-cat household and all cats involved were very ill when they came to us. You may remember Spitfire, who was mum to Vulcan, and surrogate mum to Jet. This poor girl was 10 years old, but took the best care of these kittens, but she too had her own health problems to battle. So once weaned, Spitfire was treated for everything that she needed, and Jet and Vulcan went to one of our experienced foster carers to be nursed to health in a comfortable, homely environment.

Jet (pictured above)
Jet is an affectionate boy. He is playful and friendly but a little bit shy until he gets to know you. Jet had an ulcer on his right eye due to the fact that his eyelashes grow inwards (entropian). He had surgery where his third eyelid was stitched in place over his affected eye. This was successful but his third eyelid is slightly larger now than on his left eye. Jet will need to be assessed by a vet when he is nearly fully grown to see if he requires surgery on his eye lids to rectify the ingrowing problems. If needed, the shelter could help with the cost of this surgery, as our vets (Highfield’s) have a great eye specialist that has treated these boys previously. One thing about Jet is that he always has his tongue sticking out! He also has the fluffiest tail we have ever seen!


Vulcan is also a confident, playful and affectionate boy – he is our one-eyed wonder! Vulcan unfortunately developed a horrible ulcer on his right eye that was so severe that even after treatment, his eye had to be removed. As Jet’s half brother, he also has the ingrowing eyelashes problems. His left eye appears to be fine now, but he too will need to be assessed by a vet when he is nearly fully grown to see if he requires surgery on his eye lid to rectify the ingrowing problems. He is quite a lot smaller than Jet and doesn’t put on weight very quickly, but he has a huge appetite. He is devoted to his older brother and wouldn’t be separated from Jet.

Jet and Vulcan need a home with an experienced cat owner, and would be suitable with a family. They are a very unique pair, who have been through a lot already in their lives to date, and although loved enormously by their foster family, they now need a home to call their own, with their very own family.

These boys were adopted quite recently, but due to very unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, and through no fault of theirs, they had to be returned to the fosterer. The boys are fine although are yet again in need of that forever home to call their own.

If you would like to give Jet and Vulcan the perfect home, please come to the shelter during our opening times to see the manager for more details. Alternatively, you can call us any day between 1pm-3.30pm to enquire.

If you are interested in adopting Jet and Vulcan, please visit the shelter on Wed and Fri 1:30pm - 3:00pm or Sat and Sun 1:00pm - 3:30pm

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