Gender: Female
Age: 1 year

Freda came to us when a concerned member of the public found her living as a stray looking rather underweight and full of fleas.

Freda has not had it easy lately, as you can see from the photo she now has just one eye. A short while ago, Freda’s eye became swollen and started to bulge out over a short period of time. After a week of intensive treatment at our wonderful vets surgery, it was decided that the eye could not be saved and would need to be removed. Freda is now doing well and is adapting to one-eyed life already. Still as beautiful as ever, Freda has tugged at the heartstrings of the nurses at the vets and the staff here at the shelter. We expect her to have a normal life and that she will adjust to having the one eye and be able to enjoy life as she should.

We can’t wait for Freda to find her perfect home. She really deserves it! We think she would still like to venture outside, but due to her only having one eye now, we believe her new home would need to be situated somewhere quiet, without any busy roads, and ideally with a big garden or green space to enjoy.

We aren’t sure how Freda is with children so would suggest you bring any kiddies along to meet her. We also have yet to mix her with other cats in the shelter, but believe she may be happier in a home on her own where she will have all of the love, fusses and attention.

If you feel you could give Freda a great home please fill in one of our adopters forms and we can arrange an appointment to meet her.

If you are interested in adopting Freda or would like to learn more about what we need from you to adopt, please visit our adopting page.

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