Gender: Male
Age: 9 years

Cricket came to us because he was living stray. A kind member of the public who spotted he was injured took him to receive treatment and find him a safe home.

Cricket looks to have had a hard life, but he is still very affectionate and loves head tickles and chin scratches. Sometimes, he even lets you get in a belly rub! And just to add extra cuteness, he does paddy paws when he wants something!!

He is also very vocal, getting louder the more you chat to him! Cricket is also very food oriented, so can be bribed fairly easily!!

Cricket is used to being able to come and go as he pleases so doesn’t like being cooped up. An ideal home would be away from main and busy roads, and somewhere with space for Cricket to explore.

We think Cricket should be the only cat, and would prefer an adult only home.

If you think you have space in your heart and home for Cricket, please get in touch.


If you are interested in adopting Cricket or would like to learn more about what we need from you to adopt, please visit our adopting page.

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