We have now moved to an appointments only system for adoption visits. This will make our adoption process even smoother for everyone involved, and will ensure that by the time you visit, we’ll know straight away which cats are puuurrrfect for your home!

If you would like to register your interest in adoption, learn more about if we have any cats available who suit you, and to look into booking a time to visit our shelter, please complete our Questionnaire for Potential Adopters.

This form can now be filled in and submitted online, where it will then be checked by our staff, and we will then contact you for more information, or to book in a visit.

If you require assistance with the online form, simply phone us on 0114 272 4441 and we will happily complete the form over the phone.

To see all cats currently available for adoption, please click here.

Thank you!


If you are thinking of adopting from us, this information should help you prepare for your visit.  You may also find the FAQ’s useful too. You must be over 18 to adopt from us.

What we need from you:-

  • A registration form. This can currently be completed via the link at the top of this page, or in person at The Shelter.
  • Proof of address, for example; Driving License, utility bill etc.
  • A valid form of Identification.
  • For anyone in rented accommodation we need to see a letter from your landlord giving you permission to have a cat.
    • Rules can vary depending on the type of property you live in or who your Landlord is.  Always contact them first to check their policy regarding pets.
  • Confirmation that any existing cats in your household are up to date with vaccinations.
  • Confirmation that any existing cats in your household have been neutered
  • If you have small children we suggest they visit the cats with you.  This lets us see how children and cats react with each other.

Our Staff will:-

  • Check where you live in relation to busy roads. If you live under 150 meters away from a main or busy road, you will be unable to adopt one of our outdoor cats.
  • Consider your circumstances and those of our cats to try to find the best match regarding age and temperament.
  • Inform you of any known illnesses or available history.

The adoption fee is £85 per cat.

This not a purchase fee and is not refundable should the cat be returned to the shelter for any reason.

What does the adoption fee cover?

All cats are neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption.  They will also be up to date for flea and worming treatments.

If the cat shows any signs of illness within 7 days of being adopted we will pay for any veterinary treatment required, however you must:-

  • Telephone / e-mail the shelter and inform us
  • Use our used veterinary practice (available when contacting us)

One month free insurance with Pet Plan

All our cats are adopted with one month free insurance and we strongly recommend that insurance is continued as we will not pay for any medical treatment for conditions that manifest outside the 7 day period.  Be aware that all Pet insurance policies are unlikely to cover pre-existing medical conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

If I live on a main road can I still adopt a cat?

Some cats or kittens are used to being kept indoor only and may be suitable for you.  You can discuss this with Staff when you visit us. We do not allow cats used to going outside, to be re-homed as an indoor cat.

Why do you want to know if my existing cats are vaccinated?

Cats coming into the Shelter may have been exposed to disease and could pass on infections to resident cats.

Why can’t some cats be rehomed to a particular area of Sheffield?

If a cat is rehomed to an area it previously lived in, there is a chance he or she might try to return to their old home.

Can I borrow a cat carrier to take my new cat home?

Yes you can. You can also buy a new or used carrier at the same time you adopt. This will ensure you always have a carrier should you need it, and for vet visits etc.

Can I take my cat home the same day I see it or can I reserve it?

The majority of our cats can go home with you straight away. Unfortunately, cats that are available for immediate adoption can’t be reserved.
However, there are circumstances when cats or kittens can be pre adopted, see below.

What is pre adoption and how does it work?

Sometimes cats or kittens are available to view and meet you but can’t be adopted immediately. This could be due to them needing; medication, further vet visits or perhaps a period of monitoring or recuperation.
In these cases you can pay a non refundable £10 pre adoption fee which reserves the cat until he or she is ready to come home with you. Please note that the £10 fee is in addition to the adoption fee.

I’ve seen a cat/kitten on your website that I really want, can I adopt by email or telephone as I can’t visit straight away?

Sorry, but this isn’t possible. We have a responsibility to cats and potential adoptors to ensure that you get the best cat for you and your circumstances. Only by meeting the cat or kitten and talking with our experienced staff, will you know if it’s the right choice.