Adopt a Cat Month

Did you know that June is Adopt a Cat Month?   So here are 10 reasons to Find a Feline Friend in June!

We work hard all year round to find the cats and kittens of Sheffield their purrrfect forever homes, but we love an excuse to shout about what we do and encourage the people of the Steel City to adopt a new furry friend.  June is officially Adopt a Cat Month, so we thought we’d share our top 10 reasons why you should adopt from the Sheffield Cat Shelter this month.

  • You’ll have a faithful companion for life  

Cats are excellent pets for people of all ages, from couples to families and the elderly. Their intelligence and loving temperament makes them a perfect companion to have in your home and to stick by your side for years to come.




  • You’ll be giving a cat the second chance it desperately deserves

When cats arrive at The Sheffield Cats Shelter, it is most often because their owners, for some reason, are no longer able to care for their pet  and give it a good quality of life.  Although it can be upsetting and confusing for any cat to be taken from their home, our feline residents wait patiently at the Shelter to be taken to a new, loving forever home

  • Cats are great for your health

On days when life gets a bit stressful, having a cat around can greatly improve your mood and help you to relax. Cats have been credited with having positive effects on their owner’s mental health and we can definitely understand why; it’s hard to feel down when there’s a loving cat purring on your lap

  • We can find the right cat for you

At the Sheffield Cats Shelter, we know the different personalities of all our cats and we work very hard to match them perfectly with the right owners. Whether you’re looking for a playful kitten, an independent tom cat, or a fuss-loving older moggy, then we will ensure that your new cat is well suited to your home.

  • You’ll be saving more than just one cat

We’ve been working around the clock to save the cats of Sheffield for over 120 years, but as a small, local charity our resources are limited. We never overcrowd our cats and we also never put a healthy cat down. This means that when the shelter is full, we have a waiting list of cats that need our help and by adopting a cat from the shelter, you will be giving another cat the chance to come to us and find a loving home too.

  • You will never need an alarm clock again

If getting up on time for school or work can be a struggle, then a cat is what you need. Although we may not “always” appreciate their chirpy meows greeting us first thing in the morning, how can we possibly be mad at such an adorable face?

  • You will never be bored

Cats of any age love to play and catching stuffed mice or feathery toys releases their hunting desires and makes them happy. But they are also funny creatures and watching them amuse themselves or observing their unique personalities will provide endless entertainment for years to come.

  • Cats are very clean pets

If you’ve ever noticed how long cats spend cleaning themselves, then it will be no surprise that they are one of the cleanest pets that you can keep. When they have been outside or around other animals, they will be sure to give themselves a thorough wash afterwards, avoiding dirt and smells from being spread around your home.

  • You will be helping the citizens of Sheffield

As we mentioned before, the most common reason that cats are brought to the Shelter is because their owners can no longer care for them. This can be an incredibly tough and upsetting decision for the owner, but by having somewhere to turn to and knowing that their cat will find a loving new home, cat owners of Sheffield can feel supported when facing life’s unexpected challenges.

  • Let them tell you for yourself

If you’re not already convinced that a cat would be the perfect addition to your home, then come along to The Sheffield Cats Shelter during our public opening hours and visit the cats and kittens waiting to meet you. Our cats love visitors and they love going home with them even more. Whether you’re looking to adopt now or planning for the future, visiting the shelter is a great way to take your first step to adopting a cat.



If you want to help The Sheffield Cats Shelter but aren’t looking to adopt at the moment, then there are a number of great other ways that you can support us and our furry residents. Why not join our Sponsor a Cat scheme.   From as little as just £4.50 a month, you can help provide specialist food and care for your chosen cat, keeping them healthy and happy until they find their forever home. For more information on all the ways you can help visit our website or email us on – we’d love to chat!