A Valentine

Next week is Valentine’s day.   As well as thinking about the person in your life, have you considered the love that you get from a cat?

It may be called cupboard love, but there are many ways that your cat can tell you that it really loves you.

Who needs a human when:

  • A cat choses to sleep on your lap. Cats are vulnerable when they are asleep, and they can nod off for up to 16 hours a day. They need a secure location when they sleep, so if your cat decides the best place is your lap, what better indication that they love you.

  • A cat brings a present to you. Cats are carnivores who have hunting instincts.  They may hunt a toy mouse, or if they are an outdoor cat, hunt a real one.  But they love to share their catch with their nearest and dearest. So, praise your cat if it brings you a present of a dead bird or mouse (or even a bit of rubbish)!   It’s a special gift because it loves you.
  • Your cat shows how happy it is by switching on its motor and purring. When they are relaxed and enjoying something, cats show their love by purring.   Although a purr can sometimes mean that your cat is upset, this is not as commonly seen or heard as a happy purr.
  • Your cat head bumps or rubs its cheeks on you. This is called bunting.  It basically allows your cat to leave its scent on you and mark its territory.  They will only do this if they love something or someone.
  • Your cat kneads on you. Kneading behaviours start in kitten hood when baby cats knead to get their mother’s milk. But when adult cats are feeling most relaxed, contented and loved, they start to knead when they are on their owner’s lap.  It’s a distinct expression of adoration.
  • Your cat throws itself on the ground and rolls around, showing its lovely furry tummy. It means that the cat is excited to see you.

If you need a cat in your life, take a look at these cuties who are all looking for a human to fall in love with.


“What greater gift than the love of a cat”

Charles Dickens